RFID technology provides the fastest, simplest and most efficient method of identifying, locating and managing your media. This technology represents a giant leap forward in productivity, ease of use for staff and better patron service. RFID is an important tool for the library of the future and it is easy to use.

ISO Standard for Libraries:

ISO standard 28560 is approved to be an official ISO Standard used in the library market.  mk RFID tags are compatible with all ISO standards. ISO 28560 specifies a data model for the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags for library items . It allows interoperability between the exchange of library items with RFID tags at various locations.  It also provides the library an option to purchase equipment from various vendors.  This provides a guarantee of interoperability of all mk products with other RFID vendors.


ISO standards are implemented by mk Solutions in all products and solutions.